Retirement The Cunning Thief

Little Bobby walked into his house behind Dad like he always did but then, without warning, everything changed.

The first sign something was wrong was that his dog, normally hyperactive, was cowering in the corner instead of jumping all over him.

Then he saw the wires dangling from the wall where the TV and VCR used to be; the household decorations that helped make their house a home were all broken, missing or scattered in ways no kid could comprehend.

Their home had been burglarized in broad daylight. For the first time in his young life, he felt a victim's fear and distrust. Up until then, much of his 12-year-old life was about what he could have, what he could do, and what he could be. Now for the first time he was forced to worry more about protecting what he had rather than reaching for more.

His dad called the police and then walked through the house to make sure the thieves were gone. Everything of value was gone, and life for Bobby changed forever.

In an eerily similar way, retirement can be a cunning and deceptive thief... capable of stealing your most prized possessions from you.

Just as being robbed can be a harsh reality for those who are unprepared, walking through the door of retirement can result in the same disheartening feelings. You can become a victim, stunned by the loss of things that once made you feel valuable, structured, and connected to others.

Unfortunately, many of these robberies are overlooked and never get reported... despite eye witness accounts from spouses and loved ones.

"Tim still checks his flight schedule every day," said his wife. "He logs in to see where he would be flying if he were still on the job... checks the weather... and then stares aimlessly at the TV all day ... I don't know what to do with him."

A concerned daughter shared, "I don't know what my dad does out there in that pole barn all day, but every morning he wakes up like he's got somewhere to go, heads out there and doesn't come back in until supper time. We've invited him to do other things and encouraged him to get in touch with some work friends or re-connect with some buddies from his old neighborhood, but he doesn't say much and keeps to himself like never before."

I don't know the police code for missing persons, but as you can see from these examples, identity is one of the most devastating things retirement can rob from people. Primarily because people often confuse who they are with what they do, and once the routine of a daily schedule and purpose are altered, they lose a piece of themselves that can take years to figure out and rebuild.

Less severe forms of theft also occur throughout retirement. While not as extreme as having your home broken into, if someone steals something out of your car or even a tool from your trailer or garage, you may not immediately feel the need to replace it, but realize later how important that item was and is needed in your life.

It's like that in retirement, too. Fading relationships in retirement, especially with former co-workers, may not seem like a major loss at first but over time, a retiree may come to realize how crucial they are to one's overall well-being. The comfort and ease of work relationships are not easily replaced, and new ones can be hard to come by.

Regrettably, people are left to solve many of these retirement robberies on their own. But it doesn't have to be that way. That's why our first priority at Synergos Financial Group is education and information like this. We want to empower and support investors during their complete transition from work-life to this next phase of life.

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