our mission

retire well

The Retirement Wellness program is an internationally recognized coalition created to help individual, couples and organizations make sure they don't run out of family, friends, good health, or money in retirement. It's designed to challenge the status quo of traditional retirement planning by providing training, tools, and resources that integrate your body, mind, spirit, and relationships into the planning process.

Whether it's replacing your work identity, staying connected to family and friends, keeping mentally and physically fit, or making sure your investments reflect what's most important to you, we're here to help you make a successful transition from work-life to the next phase of life.

The program was created by Retirement Activist, Robert Laura. A former social worker and personal trainer turned financial professional. His retirement views and beliefs appear regularly in major media and are reflected in his syndicated columns for both Forbes.com as well as Financial Advisor Magazine.

He has garnered a unique look at wealth and retirement by not only working intimately with his own clients and advisors for over 15 years but also interviewing numerous celebrities, athletes, authors, and psychologists including Pastor Rick Warren, Deion Sanders, John Sally, Gymnast Shannon Miller, Golfer Annika Sorenstam, Singer Amy Grant, HGTV's the Property Brothers, Pawn Star Rick Harrison, Impersonator Rich Little, and more.

The programs stands on one very basic but important foundation. Retirement isn't just about money.